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GWRRA Chapter MT-M Missoula, MT

GWRRA Chapter MT-M Official Products

For those who are interested in obtaining a hat, T-shirt, sweatshirt, vest, or other riding apparrel, please contact Sandy Holloron @ 406-549-8982 or 406-546-3101 or e-mail her at or at a chapter event to place your order.  She has the price list if you are interested.  Please let her know that you are interested so that she can have the order information with her at the meeting.

We now have chosen our color for Chapter MT-M!  To show that we are definately associated with Missoula and Chapter MT-M, we now will be sporting the wonderful color of "Griz" Maroon!  Your Assistant Chapter Directors, Kathleen and Bill Risk have serveral catalogs available for your chosing pleasures.  You can choose short or long sleeve T-Shirts, button shorts, sweatshirts, hats, or other items to put the Big Sky Wings logo on.  We are definately excited about these choices for your riding or pleasure wardrobe.  These catalogs will be available at all montly meetings as well as with a phone call to either your Chapter Directors or Co-Directors.  


Contact Willie Jefferies or Sandy Holloron if you have items for sale.  We will get these items listed so others have a wonderful opportunity to decrease their garage space. 


is now located on North Reserve near I-90.
GWRRA-Chapter MT-M are supported by Big Sky Motorsports, receive a 10% discount on parts. 
Show your GWRRA membership card (stamped MT-M) prior to payment. 
To receive your membership stamp for your card, just attend our local chapter functions.
on your way to LOLO MT. 
********* Helena Honda is under new ownership!  If you get in the area, stop in and say HOWDY!*********