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As of January 2016 your new Chapter Co-Directorsare 

Willie Jefferies (406) 546-3586


Sandy Jefferies (406) 546-3101 

Assistant Chapter Co-Directors 
Bill Risk

Chapter Treasurer
Kathleen Risk

Chapter Rider Educator and Safety Guru

Greg Hintz 406-240-2032


Chapter Ride Calendar Coordinator and Historians

Kathleen and Bill Risk -


Chapter Educators

Dean & Sandy Pond (406) 544-0004


Membership Enhancement Committee

Ravalli County- Willie and Sandy are currently filling this spot but we are  looking for someone to fill this spot.  Is that you?

Missoula County- Don Deuel (406) 531-2738 

Lake County-

Lincoln County- Nelson & Jenny Bland (406) 293-1010(N) (406) 293-1024 (J)


Chapter Newsletter & Chapter Clothing

Sandy Jefferies (406) 546-3101 -

Kathleen Risk -

Website Support Techy

Lori Krause backing up Sandy (thanks Lori)